Vegas dates

27 August 2018

It was another good night from Bugsy, who woke at about 09:30 following a nearly twelve hour sleep. Hopefully she’s catching up on it! We had a long, slow breakfast and today she had strawberry jam with her porridge, from a squeezy bottle, much to her delight.

We played with one of her jigsaws a few times, then had a FaceTime with Matthew for 45 minutes. He is about halfway through his epic SW Coast Path walk, and doing brilliantly. Cornelia proudly showed him Cowbat, who was sleeping in one of her shoes….

I also booked a ticket to see Absinthe tonight, as Cat had recommended it, and I love a Vegas show! Ian wasn’t that bothered about going, so I’m going by myself for a night out!

We finally left the hotel around 13.00, returning the Peter Rabbit DVD on the way. We walked through the smart SLS hotel casino to the Monorail that would take us further along the Strip (we were on the last stop at the north end of the Strip).

There is still a surprising amount of construction taking place. Ian did a bit of research and a lot of building work stopped in 2009 when various companies went bust, but more recently the sites have been sold, hence the construction starting again.

We got off the Monorail at Ballys, and immediately had a Subway for lunch there, before we went any further. With Cornelia’s ham and cheese sandwich, she was given a packet of apple slices. I took one and put it in my mouth, and spat it straight out. It was disgusting and when I inspected it, it was mouldy. 🤢 Oh my goodness, it was so revolting! I took it back to let the girl know and she was very apologetic and offered me another bag which I declined. I swapped it for a not-so-healthy-but-much-tastier chocolate chip cookie, much to Cornelia’s delight! As part of her kid’s meal deal, she received a “delightful” plastic watch which she could decorate with stickers, exclaiming “It’s got instructions! That’s helpful, but it looks a bit complicated!”

Outside again, Cornelia spotted the Eiffel Tower and expressed surprise that we were in Paris. Once we explained we were still in Vegas, she remarked that it was a very big model, and of course she was quite right! We walked over the bridge into the Bellaggio for a quick look around, and as we had missed the 3 o’clock fountains by just a couple of minutes, we went on the hunt for chocolate ice cream to while away the next half hour. We found Ben & Jerry’s back over the bridge, but although the queue wasn’t very long, the girl serving seemed to take quite a long time to make up the various orders. In fact, we were close to missing the fountains again, so Ian took Cornelia to watch them while I waited in the queue. The fountains then started while I was being served so once I had paid, I dashed over the bridge just in time for the final spray. I had missed it all!

I managed to find Cornelia and Ian, and as there were no tables available, Bugsy sat on the lower steps of the Bellaggio eating her ice cream. Ian went off for a wander for five minutes while I supervised the ice cream consumption. I had a moment when a woman walked past and said to me “I love the way you’re looking at her.” My reply was that four years on and I still can’t take my eyes off her. 😍

Ian came back and it was on the half hour, so time for the fountains and this time I was ready for them! We found a prime spot right in the centre to get the full experience, but Cornelia was more impressed with seeing Chase and Marshall from Paw Patrol, overcoming her fear of people dressed up to pose for a photo with them! The fountains were a brilliant display again, this time dancing to the Pink Panther!

We wandered back to the Monorail and back to our hotel for another swim, and then I got showered and dressed for my night out on my own! So excited!

I took the Monorail to Caesars Palace, walking through Flamingos first to find the show tent that was just next Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen. On entering, I treated myself to a “Green Fairy” cocktail and found my seat, waiting for the show to start, while Ian enjoyed a date night with Cornelia, watching Finding Dory and ordering room service.

I didn’t really know much about Absinthe, but to sum it up, it has two comperes who are vulgar and crude (funny), but also casually racist (not my humour at all), and some of it was a bit uncomfortable (watching the forced audience participation) but awkwardly humorous. They introduced the numerous very talented acrobatic acts, featuring fit, gorgeous men and women! So, it was fun but may have been even more enjoyable if I’d been with someone else so I could widen my eyes in horror and humour to someone!!

After the show, I went into Caesars Palace for a bit of a gamble, and spent half an hour or so watching my money slowly creep up on the machine I was playing (from $20 to $25…) until I realised that POI may be wondering where I was, so I texted him to let him know I was leaving and had decided to take the Monorail back, rather than a cab. The tickets we had bought earlier in the day were valid for 24 hours so I thought I’d earn some wife points by saving some money…

I just missed a train back, but it was only a short wait for the next one (eight minutes) and although I had been nervous about travelling on my own in a carriage, or with a single man in there, I actually felt perfectly safe, and as the Monorail stopped at the various stations, so more people got on and off. When it arrived at SLS station, I was the only one left in my carriage, and I had changed into my flat shoes, just in case I needed to run for it at any point! Anyway, I was unnecessarily concerned, as it was all perfectly uneventful, but best to be prepared for these things!

I had to pass through the smart SLS casino again, and there was one electronic roulette table space remaining (which I’d not managed to play yet) so, now that I was $5 and a taxi fare up, decided to take my chances. With a minimum of a $3 bet and mindful of Ian scowling at me wasting money, I placed three $1 bets and wouldn’t you know it, my 16 came up straightaway and I was another $35 up! Feeling slightly smug that not only was I a cheap date but in fact, a profitable one, I made it back to the hotel room without being mugged of my winnings and to a sleeping toddler and relaxed husband. Honestly, I should go out on my own more often…!

2 thoughts on “Vegas dates

  1. I mention her tantrums a lot because that’s the reality of a small child, I guess, but in fairness to her, having taken her away from her routine, friends and family, she is coping with it all rather marvellously. I suspect my friends at home will be thrilled that my annoyingly well-behaved daughter is capable of horrific tantrums from time to time, as I had been blessed with virtually three years of happy cuteness, great eating and great sleeping!!


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