A fun fair to finish the day!

10 June 2018

It was, once again, time for the ritual packing up and leaving yet another good place.  We had about a five hour drive ahead of us, and managed to leave late-morning.  The journey itself was uneventful, apart from being heavily tail-gated then overtaken by a crazy lorry driver, who apparently couldn’t care less if he killed anyone around him, as long as he made it one car up the long procession!

We had hoped to have lunch by the sea, as we were edging up the coastline of Estonia, but the sea was cut off from the road by a wide area of marshland.  Nonetheless, we pulled over into a little hamlet and found a spot to much our sandwiches.  Ian and Bugsy went off for a quick explore towards the sea, returning with some sea grass that she was determined should travel in Bluebell with us.  It is her sweeping brush, apparently…!

I took over the driving after lunch and the journey to our apartment was again insignificant, bar a frustrating diversion 100 metres away from the address!  A slightly grumpy woman met us, and showed us to our apartment (without breaking a smile).  She explained she has two young children so if we had any queries, she would do her best to answer us, but it may not be immediately.  Hopefully she was just a bit tired with two young kids to look after!  The apartment is one large room with a great kitchen, a double bed, table & chairs, and a sofa bed (that turns into a double bed).  The downside is that the curtains are very thin, so the light comes through in the evening, and I have to sit in the hallway (which is not separated by a door, unfortunately) trying to hide from Cornelia as I type this out!

After we had unpacked Bluebell (several trips up and down two flights of stairs – all good exercise!) we went in search of the local supermarket, which wasn’t too hard to find, just under a mile away.  Cornelia was nervously excited as she spotted the fairground next door to the store, and was over the moon when we told her she could go on some rides with Daddy, whilst I did the supermarket shop.  Handing over €10, off they went.  (Although it’s worth noting that Ian, out of the blue, said he didn’t mind doing the shop, as he quite enjoyed looking around foreign supermarkets…  I can only assume he really hates the fairground, as he has NEVER suggested that he should do the supermarket shop, despite insisting his interest was genuine!!)

Within ten minutes, I recognised the angelic yell of “Muuuuuuummmmma” and turned to find her charging towards me.  She explained that they needed more money to go on the rides as they had to buy five tickets.  When Ian caught up with her, he confirmed this.  It cost €15 for five tokens, and if she wanted to go on the dodgems (which she did), that would use up three of them.  No wonder it was virtually empty!

Anyway, successful shop completed, an excited toddler yapped all the way home telling me about the rides she’d been on: the Mickey Mouse ride, where you push a button and it takes you way up into the air and down again; the dodgems where she steered and Daddy did the acceleration; the swing roundabout; and the trampoline harness thingy.  She loved it!

When we returned home, it was nice to use a decent kitchen and prepare some meals.  Bugsy had spaghetti bolognese and wolfed the whole lot down whilst speaking to Auntie Lizzie and Sammy Pants, and Ian and I enjoyed chicken risotto.  Yum.

Despite the excitement of the fair, a big meal, and a warm, relaxing bath, she is, astonishingly, wide awake.  It is past 23:00 and she should be exhausted!  Ian and I are totally knackered!!

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