Orange Theory

26 December 2018

A cheery little girl padded into our bedroom and clambered in for a cuddle this morning at around 07:30, which suited us perfectly.  She was keen to get up and play with her Lego, and while Daddy had a shower, she asked if I’d help her with her Lego.

“Can you help me with my Lego, Mummy? Now, I know you’re not as good at it as Daddy, so if you listen carefully to my instructions, you should be okay!”

The cheek of it!! (Although, she’s quite right!!)  Thankfully, Daddy came to the rescue and took over, and I was dismissed, right on time to meet Val outside, who was picking me up to go to an Orange Theory class. 

I have never heard of this exercise concept, but I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I was fitted with a heart rate monitor, which was then visible on the numerous TV screens up in the gym, which also displayed % of heart rate and zone in which you are operating.  The 60 minute class is divided into two sections:  the first is on the treadmill.  You choose your comfortable base pace (10km/hr for me) and from there you do a warm up, then various sessions involving increasing incline up to 7% and speed up to 13.5kms (for me).  It was bloody hard, but the instructor was fantastic, saying exactly the right thing at the right time.  Specifically “I know you are all about to collapse, but trust me, you can do this.  It is just for one more minute.  Keep it together.  Breathe!” and it worked!  I honestly would have stopped if I had been on my own, and I’m used to pushing myself quite hard! The second station I found slightly easier.  There were six strength exercises and a rowing machine.  Each circuit lasted six minutes and you had to perform two exercises and a 400 metre row as many times as possible in the first session; then two different exercises and a 300 metre row as many times as possible in the second; and finally the last two exercises and a 200 metre row as many times as possible.  I really, really enjoyed it, despite having to swap out one of the shoulder exercises due to a small injury I’m carrying there.

After the class, we had hoped to go for a coffee with a couple of Val’s friends who also did the class, but none was open in the area.  Surprising given that it was Boxing Day, and everywhere seemed to be advertising the sales, apart from the small precinct we were in!  Anyway, we stood outside chatting for a while, before popping to Woolworths for supper for Ian and Cornelia tonight and lunch for today.

Val dropped me back home, but I didn’t bother taking a shower, as we were about to climb a mountain!  I love a good exercise day!  Val had suggested Mount Ngungun (pronounced NooNoo, we later discovered) in the Glasshouse Mountains, about an hour’s drive away.  We collected her friend, Jennie, who lives just around the corner from us, and then collected Val, and braved the Boxing Day traffic arriving at Mt Ngungun just before 14:00.  Cornelia had eaten her roll in the car, so Ian stuffed his quickly while we sprayed ourselves with bug spray and read the information boards.  It was a 2.8 kms round trip to the summit, which sounded totally doable with a four year old!  She was magnificent.  She walked all the way to the top, despite a few attempts at asking to be carried.  She got a bit frustrated that Val and Jennie kept walking ahead of us, and concluded that “whenever they talk, their legs start going to keep up with them!”  Most insightful and definitely true!!

Most of the walk was in the shade of the trees, until we reached the rocky climb to the top.  Cornelia was a bit anxious, having read the “danger of death” signs warning people not to go too close to the edges.  The downside of having a curious child who can read so well!  The view at the top was absolutely terrific, and you could see the other distant striking mountains jutting upwards like jagged watchtowers. We sat at the top for a while, eating our raisin bread and congratulating ourselves on the hike, before deciding that it was too crowded and heading back down.  Cornelia made it another half a mile, before pleading to be carried.  She had done all the hard work and survived a tumble on the rocks, so I piggy-backed her the rest of the way, although she ran the last 100 metres or so, once she knew the car was nearby.

Needless to say, she fell asleep on the way back, resting her heavy head on Val’s shoulder.  She woke up just as we dropped Val and Jennie home, although I had to carry her upstairs to our apartment where she asked to go straight to her bed for a lie down.  She did, of course, carry on sleeping.

I thought this was of no consequence to me, as I was going out again, this time for a night out with the girls: Val, Emma and Jennie.  I had a shower, dressed up again, and kissed Cornelia goodbye (who was still asleep).  Val and Emma collected me in an Uber, then we collected Jennie and we were ferried to a recently-opened part of Brisbane, down by the river.  It was totally packed, but we managed to find seats together at the ledge on the outside decking at Mr Percival’s, overlooking the water.  The girls were on wine, but I stuck to my reliable gin – I know I can drink plenty of this and not be ill, but getting drunk on wine is a whole other room-spinning thing for me!  I had thought we were going out for dinner and drinks, but it turned out to be the other way around.  I was starving by the time we finally ordered and I was mildly disappointed that my portion of scallops contained only four of the small little things.  Still, the bowl of chips helped! ;o)

In between being seated at the ledge on the outskirts of the pub and the table at which we ate our food, we moved to two sofas and a table for a while, where we were joined, most unexpectedly by a very drunk girl, who literally fell into us and onto our laps.  It turned out that her name was Maddie.  She had no idea where her friends or her handbag were, and she was clutching her mobile, which had run out of battery.  She was utterly s**t-faced.  While Emma and Jennie managed to spy our final table for the evening and waited patiently for us, a couple of security staff and management came over to check whether Val and I were okay.  We explained the situation to them, and whilst we were happy to temporarily babysit her, we didn’t really want to spend our entire evening waiting for her to sober up (unlikely) or throw up over us (much more likely).  The management were really fantastic.  How refreshing to have people in charge who weren’t patronising or annoyed at the very drunk girl, but genuinely concerned and caring towards her.  They took her ‘phone (with her consent) and charged it, so that we could access it.  I then saw that her mother had sent her a text message only a few minutes ago, asking her to “check in, please”.  So, I texted her mum.  “Hi, Maddie’s mum.  We are with your daughter at Mr Percival’s at the moment, and she is very drunk.  Her friends appear to have left her.  She needs to get home!  Rather than put her in a cab, would it be possible for you to collect her, please?”  Her mum was relieved that she was in safe hands, but I suspect Maddie will suffer the consequences when she has sobered up!  The manager said that one of the security staff would wait with her outside, until her mum arrived, and with our good deed over and done with, we joined Emma and Jennie at last.

Our good deed was rewarded further by the manager, who insisted on buying us a bottle of wine (and a G&T) for me, to thank us.  What excellent, brilliant management.  Loved it.  Although I did warn him that by the end of this third bottle, we would all be in the same state as her before the end of the night!

We had one more surprise that evening, as a pair of glasses seemed to fall out of the sky and land by our table. We looked all around to see if they had been thrown, but concluded that they must have fallen from the bridge, way up high above us! We thanked our lucky stars that they hadn’t landed on anyone’s head, or had been anything heavier. I am not sure how they can stop this from happening again, but they will need to give this some serious thought!

We finally ordered our aforementioned food (scallops for me, lobster rolls for the others, and chips for all of us) and after we’d eaten it, Russ & Dave, two of the girls’ friends joined us.  They were both very friendly and easy company, so I sat back and listened to the banter, until it was time to head home.  It was only around midnight, but it was exactly the right time to go.  We were all drunk enough to be merry, but not so drunk we would suffer tomorrow.  Unlike poor Maddie, one suspects…!

We Ubered back with Russ & Dave, dropping me off first.  I crept in quietly, only to discover that Cornelia was STILL awake!  I could not believe it!!  I went in to see her and asked her why she wasn’t asleep.  “I’ve tried everything I can think of to go to sleep, Mummy. I’ve cuddled Moo and CowDing, and Daddy, but I just couldn’t find you in my love head! So I just waited for you to come home!”

And with that, she curled up and was asleep within about fifteen minutes.  So, no manipulative “don’t ever go out again” intention there…!  I was also ready for bed, having had a very exhausting but fun day, and managed to go straight to sleep with no spinning room or anything.  Hurrah for gin!

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