Christmas down under

Christmas Day 2018

I cannot believe what a terrible night’s  sleep I had!  My hands and feet were completely boiling and swollen, and no amount of cold water or holding them up high seemed to soothe it.  I was awake until a ridiculous 04:00, despite the fan being on and the covers being off.  I can only assume that a late-night mince pie and a small bottle of Bailey’s is not conducive to a decent sleep!

Despite minimal sleep, I woke up quite early with Ian, and we waited for Cornelia to wake up (which she finally did, around 08:45).  She called out for us, and Daddy went in first (I was in the bathroom) and the look of surprise and happiness on her face as she saw her stocking was just wonderful!  She opened her stocking presents while still in bed, amazed at all the things Santa had managed to bring her, including some stuff from the various places we have visited over the last eight months.  She was also pretty excited that he’d eaten his mince pie and the reindeers had eaten their carrots.  I just LOVE this childish excitement!

Once I’d packed up our food and other things for the day for Ian to pack into the car, I headed out for my first run in days. So much for running every day in December 🙄  Time and circumstance just haven’t really been my friends, and the heat really restricts running to early morning or evening.  (Or I’m just finding an excuse!)  Anyway, it was a lovely couple of miles around the local area and I had a big grin on my face as I pottered around the deserted streets.

I arrived at Val’s at 10:00, sweaty and disgusting, and Ian arrived about fifteen minutes late(r). I was in the shower by then, trying unsuccessfully to cool down!  I managed to drop Cornelia’s small jar of Nutella that Father Christmas had brought for her, and it smashed on Val’s bathroom floor.  Luckily it was fairly contained, and as Val had a dust-buster handy, the damage wasn’t too severe.  The only problem was that I’d promised Cornelia could have Nutella-filled croissants for her breakfast today… Thank goodness, Val had a huge jar of the stuff! Phew!

We opened a bottle of champagne, as the girls started opening their gifts.  We had brought all of Bugsy’s over with us, although Belle had been understandably keen to open hers before we arrived! But she still had several from us to open, as did Val, and we were working our way through our presents, when Greg (Belle’s father) arrived.  We felt slightly embarrassed as we opened our mountain of presents around him, but Belle distracted him with great big hugs, and squeaks of delight as she went to unwrap her new bicycle!  Cornelia was more than happy with her presents (nothing as big as a bicycle, of course) but bless her, she was so content with what she’d received, including a koala rucksack (which I fully intend to steal!) and a Funny Faces sticker book.  And, of course, once that was all done, just the ribbons and wrapping paper were played with – obviously the most fun of all!!!

As Cornelia started on her Lego, and Greg took Belle outside to try her new bike, Val and I prepared our late breakfast:  Croissants and Nutella (I ignored Cornelia’s question when she asked where her jar was..!), scrambled eggs and bacon, beans and toast.  And more champagne.

Once we’d eaten, it was time to say goodbye to Belle, who was off to spend the week with Greg.  Bugsy was distraught at her departure, and clung to her in tears!  Belle looked a little surprised, to say the least!!  Val managed to reassure her that we would be seeing her again in a few days, and it wasn’t goodbye forever.  I cuddled her for a bit and she calmed down, and then as soon as Greg and Belle left, so Emma arrived.  The perfect distraction for Cornelia who swiftly moved on to terrorising Emma instead, playing golf/hockey with her and catch etc.  Lucky Emma….!

We sent all of our Happy Christmas videos to family and friends, and did some more playing (including Cornelia dressing up in Belle’s amazing mermaid tail!) before we packed all of our things up and headed for the beach at Bribie Island for the rest of the afternoon. 

Emma had gone to collect Harry, so we arranged to meet her there, and while Ian went down to the sea with Cornelia, Val and I lazed in the sunshine, munching cheese & crackers and eating grapes.  Emma found us on the beach easily enough, and they went straight down to the sea to join Cornelia and Ian, until hunger got the better of everyone!  Then we all scoffed sausages and potatoes that I’d cooked earlier at Val’s, as the sun went down behind the dunes.  The two kids had enough energy to have races around the beach AND had a play in the park on the way back to the car, before we finally convinced them into our cars, and headed for home.

Val did a brilliant job of keeping Cornelia awake and entertained until we arrived home (having dropped Val off at hers).  Bugsy had a quick shower before collapsing in to bed.  And she STILL didn’t go to sleep until nearly 22:00.  That girl!!!

Merry Christmas, everyone! 😘

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