Productive piggies!

14 September 2018

Hurrah, the photos are now up from the last couple of days!

Back to today… Cornelia slept through until 10:00, giving Ian and I a lie in and some time to find a nearby laundry so we could get a much-needed wash on.

She woke in a beautiful mood, full of love and cuddles and creativity. Much of breakfast and the morning was spent with me drawing and cutting out aliens and space rockets for her to stick in her activity book.

As 11:00 came and went, we thought we’d better get ourselves out for the day or we’d miss it all! It was another beautiful sunny day, and High Park was on Cornelia’s very short list of what she wanted to do today.

Ian drove me to the laundrette “Laundry and Lattes” and dropped me off with two bags of washing, carrying on to the park with Bugsy. I bought the laundry tabs, did two loads, and sat in the laundry cafe updating our expenses, which are now 100% over budget for this leg of the trip. Whoops… sometimes I wonder if I’d be better off not keeping the expenses and not knowing!!

It was very hot in the laundry and it was over 30degrees outside, so I needed a wash after two hours of sweltering heat! Ian and Bugsy collected me, and we stopped off at the apartment to drop off the car and hang up the damp laundry.

My dear friend,Karen, had recommended we visit Tim Horton’s for goodies (or baddies, depending on your perspective) and so instead of lunch, we walked along the hipster main roads around The Junction (which is where we are staying) and found a “Tim’s” ready and waiting for us. Cornelia was thrilled that she was allowed to have a chocolate donut for lunch! Ian devoured an apple danish and I had six mini balls of donut – all totally worth the calories.

Now, of course, it had been my intention to go for a run to counteract the extra calories, but the heat and humidity of the day left me unable to do anything more outside and we rolled back, via The Sweet Potato again, for a lazy afternoon.

I spent the entire time completing Cornelia’s scrapbook which is just awesome, if I’m allowed to give myself a compliment! Ian discovered Netflix on the apartment’s TV and was instantly required to put on Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol. He won’t admit it, but he sat there for AGES watching it with her…! đŸ˜‚

Tea was a mash up of everything we had left over, plus the potatoes and chicken I’d just bought at the grocery store. We ended up with chicken, macaroni cheese, potatoes, baked beans and broccoli. What’s not to love?!

Ian gave Cornelia her bath and read her her stories and, after a few minutes of cuddling with me, she went straight off to sleep.

So, we haven’t done much today, really, but it’s been a very productive day! I suppose we need one of those every now and then!

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