Beach baby

3 September 2018

Having slept for a solid twelve hours, Cornelia came running into our bedroom for the first time this morning, calling out “Good morning!” as she entered. (As opposed to just yelling out for me!)

She was in a gorgeous mood, and both Ian and I had slept well too, so it was a really positive start to the day. We all showered and dressed for the day and sat down for breakfast together. Bugsy was being lovely and chatty, and we lazed around a bit, not really doing much, but just “hanging out “.

Around 10:30, we went for a walk towards the little shopping precinct where I had bought breakfast supplies yesterday. As we joined the main road, which runs alongside the beach, we saw loads of people gathered on the grassy area, and decided to cross over and see what they were all looking at. As it happened, not much was going on, but the beach was packed with families celebrating Labor Day, swimming, playing music and bbq-ing. Cornelia spied a set of swings, and we spent quite a long time there playing.

It was really hot and humid, and even standing in the shade was quite sweaty! When Cornelia had finally had enough on the swings, we began walking down towards the precinct again, but I think the heat was getter by to Bugsy, as she was being really high maintenance, and her joyful mood of earlier had vanished. We gave her a bit of leeway for stroppiness, as the heat can really make everything a bit harder and we are keen that she walks everywhere herself, especially if it’s for things like ice cream!

Finally we made it to the shops and she actually asked if she could hire a snorkel and mask before we went for ice cream, so we popped into the hire centre there, and hired a set for her for a couple of days, then we were all distracted by the Hawaiian clothes shops, and I’m afraid I succumbed and bought her the cutest little dress. She looks so beautiful in it. 😍 I shall FIND space for it in our luggage!!!

We made it to the ice cream shop. YUM!!! They had loads of amazing-sounding flavours, and while Cornelia went for her usual chocolate (in a waffle cone this time), I finally settled on salted caramel peanut butter. Oh yeeeeah, worth every calorie!!

I won the “who can eat their ice cream the fastest” competition and then wandered next door to look at bikinis – I’ve been wearing one that is about ten years old and have been meaning to get a new one since last year – but the only one I really liked was over $120 and at the moment, I can’t justify spending that on a bikini! Never mind, at least I have one!

On my return, Cornelia had just about finished her cone and we headed back for the condo. Unfortunately, the chocolate ice cream turned Bugsy into a pain in the backside again, and she was running through the parking lot, paying no attention to any cars that might be around her. She wanted to be carried, which I understood, but refused to walk any distance at all. Eventually, we compromised and I told her that if she could walk to the lamppost in the distance, I would carry her from there.

That did the trick, and she curled up in my arms, still whingeing and whining as I sweated up the hill to our condo. I had to tell her off a couple of times, as a heavy, wriggly, hot four year old whining at you because she’s not comfortable the way you are carrying her, but screams when you go to put her down to walk, gets very annoying very quickly!!

We put on the air con as soon as we arrived at the condo, and once again, had a lazy couple of hours, just trying to get Cornelia to rest a bit and get her good spirits back. Ian made lunch and Bugsy watched some rubbish cartoons, while I printed some photos and stuck them in her scrapbook.

We stayed in until about 16:00, and then it was time to head to the beach to practise some bodyboarding and try out her new snorkel. The sea was too choppy for snorkelling but she played on her bodyboard for ages and really got the hang of it. She is desperate for a proper surf lesson and we MUST look into that this week! The dark grey clouds hung over us, threatening to rain, but it stayed dry for us, and it was still terrifically warm.

Once she’d had enough of boarding, she wanted to try her snorkel, so I took her in, but water kept entering her mouthpiece and she ended up with mouthfuls of seawater which she hated. She just wanted to keep putting her face in the water, but the waves were persistent and she decided to give it up for today. I have suggested that she has a practice in the swimming pool tomorrow instead. She got a bit grumpy because she wanted to go to the pool this evening and I’d said no, but Ian persuaded her back into the water for a few more rides, while I went back to the apartment to get tea ready.

It was spicy prawn pasta for me and Ian, and macaroni cheese for Cornelia, and we all ate the lot. As much as the heat takes your appetite away, so the sea definitely makes you hungry! With no objection, she had a story and went to bed, and I got to cuddle her for ten minutes again – I love this precious time with her. As we were cuddling, she turned to me, took my face in her hands, kissed me full on on the lips and, staring into my eyes, said “I’ll always love you. Even when you’re dead.” 😂 On that reassuring note, I kissed her goodnight and headed off to our bedroom for my mini Magnum and wine! Island life is the best…!

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