A lazy day on site

8 August 2018

Bugsy slept in quite late this morning, having asked me to join her in bed for a cuddle last night, and then needing the loo about an hour later. All in all, she was awake for about three hours during the night…

Nonetheless, she woke in a good mood and was happy to video chat with Nanny Enid whose call we had missed earlier that morning.

We basically had a thoroughly lazy day today. We did not leave the campsite st all, and spent the morning in the RV, and the afternoon in the playpark on the swings and playing many, many rounds of Uno, in the swimming pool and on the little train.

Ian had taken Cornelia to the swimming pool. By the time I joined them, she was happily swimming away and playing with daddy. Some older boys then joined us in the pool, and were very friendly and keen to have her join in with them. They had a ball that you could dive for (which is one of her favourite pool games) and she held her own playing, diving and swimming with them. I love seeing her confidence with new children.

We have some new neighbours on our site, who like yelling variations of the word “fuck” a lot, mostly loudly to (or at) each other. So, they seem nice. 😳

Once again, Bugsy was allowed a DVD and this time, she chose Antz, which we watched back in the RV. Half during tea (🤦‍♀️) then the other half after her evening train ride.

There’s not much else to say about today – we were very quiet and lazy! Ian and I are spending the evening trip-planning, booking camping spots at Crater Lake and Mount Cook, and hoping that the wildfires don’t interrupt or prevent our visits to these beautiful areas. We are keeping our eyes on the fire watch updates.

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