Onwards and upwards

7 August 2018

I actually took myself out for a run this morning, albeit just two miles. I was parched from too much wine and not enough water, and we were on a bit of a timetable this morning, as we were meeting Cat & Co for breakfast. When I returned from my run, Bugsy had only just woken up and initially seemed very happy, but that quickly deteriorated and, as we left Redwoods for the final time, she became very sad about everything. Her chair seat straps were wrong, her ears had popped, she couldn’t yawn, her leg was hurting. It seemed pretty clear….she needed breakfast! Off we sped (so far as one can) to catch up with Peter, Cat and Tess who had already arrived at Denny’s and were waiting very patiently for us. We must be the English people who are always late, which is horrifying for me, given my usual insistence on punctuality! We were, at least, able to decide quite quickly what we wanted to eat from the huge menu selection: blueberry pancakes with strawberries and bananas for me; Ian had the All American Ranch breakfast and Bugsy had choc chip pancakes. My pancakes came with eggs and hash browns too. I ate the lot! 😋

The girls were very happy to see each other again, and Cornelia spent most of her breakfast tearing up the activity sheet she’d been given, to turn it into a jigsaw, while Tess was far wiser and decided to keep hers in one piece! Denny’s was full of “Real Americans”… Trump voters, I am sure. Donald certainly has plenty to do here to make America great again, we think!! Perhaps that’s a little mean of me, for which I apologise, but it was an excellent people-watching spot. We were particularly fascinated by the chap wearing his not-terribly-discreet electronic tag standing far too close to the gun store for our liking….

It was time to say goodbye to our new friends, but as we are seeing them again in a week, it wasn’t a sad goodbye. I was a bit concerned that Cornelia would be very upset, but she was totally fine, and wished them a safe trip, and said she would see them next week! When she’ll be FOUR! Eeeek!!!

I was very tired, as we left Crescent City and headed north again along Highway 101. I managed to doze a bit, but as I was in charge of directions and Toddler-entertainment, I couldn’t get away with much shut-eye! We stopped to stretch our legs at a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the beach, but other than that, we were not inspired by the scenery around us, as we couldn’t see any of it, due to the fog surrounding us!!

We stopped off at a market store about five miles on from on new campsite and as my head was a bit fuzzy from tiredness, it took ages to decide what to buy, because I had to try and work out what we were eating for the next few days. I’m still not sure now…! While I shopped, Cornelia and Ian stretched their legs in the field by the car park, playing hide and seek for half an hour, before we retraced our route along the highway to our next KOA site – Bandon.

We have a large pitch set in the woods, with a patio containing a table and benches, and a fire pit. There is a swimming pool here, which is smaller than the other KOA campsite pools have been and is surrounded by a wire fence, like a cage, but we will save judgement on it until tomorrow!

The sun is intermittently out, and our first stop, once we’d set up the RV, was the playpark, of course. We me a lovely chatty little girl, Alice, who is also three, along with her parents and younger sister, Cory, Kimberley, and Faye.

This campsite rents out DVDs free of charge, so once we were back in the RV, we watched the start of A Bug’s Life, whilst having tea (jacket potato for her, chicken salad for us), which is a first for us this whole holiday! We paused the movie so that Cornelia could dash up to reception for the little train that tours around the site at 19:00 every evening, and then finished watching the film before she went to bed.

Ian and I are missing the company of Cat and Peter already, and spent the rest of the evening hanging out inside the RV, trying to book up the next stops at Crater Lake and Bend, drinking beer and eating leftover tiramisu!

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