And we’re off again!

23 July 2018

And so, here we are, ready to start Part 2 of our World Adventure! We’re off to Iceland for two nights, before we continue on to San Francisco.

We took the train (or rather, three trains) up to Gatwick yesterday, arriving at our Premier Inn around 21:00. Bugsy was good enough to go straight to sleep, whilst Ian and I picnicked in the bathroom, until it was time to go to bed. She didn’t stir until we had already risen and showered, and we all went downstairs for a surprisingly leisurely breakfast.

Cornelia was on super-friendly form, delighting all the restaurant staff, who brought her a free hot chocolate from the adjoining Costa and a small teddy cat, who has been named Perky (?! I have no idea!!) and becomes Gang Member #7.

We stayed ahead of schedule all morning, so strolled over to the airport, moving through check-in and security with no delays or difficulties. I even managed to sneak in a new pair of Havianas from Duty Free, while Ian observed the toddler not playing in the play area. He then went off and came back with a book for me (the new Marian Keyes – enjoyable so far!) and Little Miss Explorer for Cornelia.

Shopping completed, we carried on down to Gate 51 and onto our plane, all going unnervingly smoothly. Bugsy was keen to try out her new Icelandic Air headphones, and settled down to watch The Lion King, and I actually managed to read some of my book with only minimal interruptions (mostly “I’m still hungry. Can I have some more food?” She ate two sandwiches, a banana, some Hula Hoops and a biscuit, all in one sitting!)

The flight was three hours which is a decent length with a three year old. We disembarked and found a trolley for our luggage, once we’d walked miles through the airport to collect our luggage. It’s a weird set up. You arrive at the terminal but have a long walk through the airport (mixing with all the departing passengers) arriving at passport control and then baggage collection. Our bag collection was quick and simple, as was collecting the hire car, once we’d been told that we’d booked our car for the wrong airport (my fault!) and no car seat was available at this Hertz. We were however able to collect the one we had been unable to reserve, but was apparently reserved for us anyway (very confusing – the online reservation said I couldn’t book the seat online, but the guy at Hertz said one had been booked for us) from the other airport… They had no kids’ seats available at the international airport! Extraordinary!!

Anyway, we made the short trip to Reykjavík airport, who couldn’t find that a seat had been reserved for us, and only had a booster seat available, which we took. Cornelia was rather pleased to be in a grown up child’s seat!

We then went straight to the apartment, which we found with no problem, parking easily outside. The flat is a good size, but there were a couple of strange things. It is definitely someone’s flat that is permanently lived in, and there was no space for our clothes or belongings to go anywhere, which was fine, I suppose, as we were only there for a couple of days. There was a note inviting us to help ourselves to tea, coffee and anything in the fridge, but there was no coffee (that we could find, anyway!) and although the fridge was fairly full, it was with lots of stuff past its use-by date, and best-before dates from 2016. I wasn’t sure whether to throw it or keep it, so we threw the milk, juice, and bread, and kept the condiments and potatoes!

We nipped out to the local supermarket, for fresh milk, sandwich stuff and supper (pasta for Cornelia and baked potatoes for me and Ian) but Cornelia’s tiredness then became apparent, as she had a bit of a meltdown in the supermarket. There are some allowances you just have to make, so we let her have her paddy, and thankfully it didn’t last too long! (Or at least I increased the speed at which I did the shopping!!)

Back home again, she was begging for pasta and to go straight to bed, so we sorted her out and she settled straight down to sleep, despite the lack of curtains or  blinds on the window.  The time difference meant that we had been up for over 30 hours, so Ian went to bed soon after, and I cracked on with my book until I could keep my eyes open no more. I love a good book that you need to read as quickly as possible, so you can find out what happens!

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