Daddy day care

4 July 2018

We all enjoyed a good sleep and long lie-in, as Ingvill and Ian had both gone to work, so we had the place to ourselves. We made ourselves at home, mastering the coffee machine and lazing around in the morning sunshine!

Cornelia was keen to do some sweeping (honestly not sure where she gets that from!!) so we all did a bit of housework to earn our keep!

She stuck with the role play all morning, making me and Ian the children, while she was our teacher, Miss Plimsoll. Ian set up an obstacle course for her to do on her bike, and she was amazing, surprisingly confident and capable as she whizzed down the driveway and weaved in and out of the various objects.

When Ingvill came home from work, her and I took the doggies up to Lyshorn, which is a steep uphill climb followed by a slighter longer, but gentler downhill. We had parked Bluebell at the start of the route and Ingvill’s car at the end, which was thoughtful of Ingvill, given Taschi and Socks’ desire to cool off in filthy puddles! The views from the top were incredible – really clear visibility with the distant glacier shining in the bright daylight. Stunning stunning stunning. It is so peaceful here and the air is so pure. I am completely in love with Norway.

Meanwhile, Bugsy and Ian had been washing the bikes and playing games, although there were a couple of misdemeanours… the first was Ian’s admission that he’d forgotten to put sunscreen on the toddler and her arms were now a little pink. The other, slightly more troubling happening, was that Cornelia had refused to put her shoes on while she was playing outside, then had screamed in pain as she hurt her toe, but was refusing to let Ian see it and was sobbing her eyes out. I snatched her foot and held it firmly to discover a large splinter of wood sticking out of her toe. Unfortunately, it broke as I tried to retrieve it, and I couldn’t get near her with a pair of tweezers.

We decided the most important thing was to clean it (her foot was really filthy!), so I washed it carefully with warm soapy water, then soaked it in some tea tree oil to prevent infection.

Toe now not so painful, we were treated to an amazing salad for tea with fresh spelt bread. It was a simple salad- bacon, pine nuts, avocado etc, but really perfect in the gorgeous weather, overlooking the water.

At Cornelia’s request, I did her bath downstairs (still can’t get that bloody splinter out!) and carried a very tired little girl off to bed. Ian read her bedtime story whilst I listened, then she fell straight to sleep.

Ingvill and I hit the chocolate and started watching a movie, before we realised it was getting on a bit. Ingvill had work the next day, so she retired to bed and I did my usual “stay up really late watching an average movie, then feel really tired the next day”. Even IS, who was home very late from work made it to bed before me!

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