Back to Bergen

3 July 2018

We have enjoyed the most terrific time at home with our dear friends and family, and although it was hard to leave, we are excited to be back “on the road”, especially as we are starting off with a few days with Ingvill and IS.

We stayed at the Premier Inn at Gatwick last night, so that we didn’t have to leave Devon in the early hours of the morning, and it was definitely the right decision.  Cornelia slept really well, and we enjoyed a great breakfast there.  Cornelia was delightful and earned herself a big colouring activity book, as well as a balloon dog!  Sadly, she had to leave that behind in the hotel room, and she was very upset about not being able to take it with her (mostly because she thought it would be lonely left by itself!) but her tears soon disappeared as the excitement of the airport took over.

Everything went very smoothly and in no time at all, we were at Bergen Airport again.  We had originally agreed that we would take the train to Lagunen Shopping Centre, from where Ingvill would collect us, but literally as we were about to step onto the train, a flood of messages came through from her, to say she was at the airport to greet us instead.  We dashed back out to the car park, only to then discover she wasn’t sure that we’d seen her messages, so was now heading to Lagunen!  Luckily, she is cool as a cucumber, and it was no bother for her to return to the airport and pick us up!

The sun was shining hard, and it was the perfect weather for relaxing outside.  Ingvill, Cornelia and I went down to the water and the two of them paddled in the water together.  Before you knew it, she was stripped down to her pants, then completely naked, having the time of her life in 14° water, popping seaweed and jumping off rocks!  She remained naked until dinner time, charging around outside, while we all relaxed in the late afternoon sunshine.

Ingvill and IS’s daughter, Vikki and her soon-to-be husband, Hassan, came over and IS treated us all to a delicious supper of salmon, trout and tagliatelle with spicy tomato sauce, followed by chocolate ice cream.  What’s not to love about being here?!

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