Two more sleeps!

23 June 2018

We all had a decent sleep last night and felt refreshed for another long drive today. Cornelia did lots of playing this morning, acting out the Snow Queen and Snow White, with us all taking on several different roles! We all showered, dressed and packed up and were on the road by 10:45.

Cornelia had lost her Kindle (or Fire Phone as we call it!) for the first hour of the trip due to some poor listening and questionable behaviour earlier on, so we listened to some nursery rhymes, singing along loudly together. She waited very patiently for her hour to be up, and when it was, she was straight on it, watching a movie I’d downloaded for her.

When we decided it was time for lunch, we agreed to stop in the next little town showing on the map, Ytterhogdal. As we approached, it seemed as if there was nothing there, then we came to a car park with loos, so stopped there and were over the moon to find it was right by an enormous lake with table and benches. The perfect spot for Ian and Bugsy to enjoy the last bit of birthday cake. It was a bit chilly in the strong breeze, but the sun on our faces after a day and a bit of driving was lovely!

I took over the driving for the rest of the afternoon and, having stopped off at a local Spar for supplies, we made it to Kylstad, Norway, at about 18:30.

Siri, who greeted us (and answered all our questions without hesitation! 😂) was warm and friendly and delighted to have a toddler in her house! She got out her trampoline straight away for Cornelia to bounce on in the garden, while I made prawn spaghetti for supper.

Despite having done nothing all day but sit in Bluebell, we all ate remarkably well and Bugsy went off to bed without argument, excited by the prospect of only having two more sleeps before we fly back to UK for a week. She hadn’t slept at all in the van, so was definitely ready for sleep!

I stayed up well after my bedtime, but managed to get most of Cornelia’s scrapbook up to date which was a brilliant feeling. It’s going to be such a terrific log of her adventure!

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