A swim then a long day of driving…

3 June 2018

I have been desperate to get into the river adjoining the campsite for a morning swim, and finally got my opportunity today!  Everyone was up at a reasonable hour, so I had enough time to brave the chilly water and swim out to the buoy and back.  It wasn’t far, but it was so enjoyable! No-one else was taking a dip, so it was completely calm and glassy.  The owner of the campsite had said that it looked dirty (it did) but that it was absolutely fine (it was).  I had told her that even if it was dirty, I’d be having a shower afterwards anyway!

Bugsy kept calling out to me making sure I was okay (at least, I think that’s what she was yelling at me!) but I couldn’t persuade her or Ian to join me!

With the swim over, it was the usual routine of packing up and getting ready to leave, once we’d showered and had breakfast.  It is still taking over an hour to pack up the van, although I’m not quite sure where the time goes!  (Actually, on this occasion, a brief WhatsApp video call with Auntie Carole and Lara Bear may have taken up some of it…!)

We knew it would be a long drive today. It was 300 miles over six long hours, driving through the Czech Republic, then briefly looping into Germany, before heading into Poland and to Poznan, our destination for the night.  Nothing exciting or particularly interesting happened on the drive at all… Cornelia slept for three hours this afternoon (following an epic tantrum in Carrefour where we had stopped for supplies, resulting in her being carted out tucked under my arm, kicking and screaming like an angry chimp) and Ian and I listened to Queen!  The roads in Poland are surprisingly good – loads of new, wide roads, and I supposed it helped that we were driving on a Sunday when there was far less traffic around than usual.

And getting into Poznan was fine, but the “pin” on GoogleMaps took us to the wrong location which was unhelpful!  A few ‘phone calls later, and we finally managed to get into the building, which turned out to be a maze of blocks.  Ian was doing his best not to get stressed, but at the end of a six hour drive, the additional drama of finding our apartment took its toll…  I left him playing with Cornelia (a surefire way to destress, of course…!) and went to unload the rest of our stuff that we needed that night (food and beer).  Time ticked away once again, and we had a very late supper, before some FaceTime with Nanny Enid and finally, it was bedtime for the toddler.  But as I type (23:00) she is still wide awake and calling out for me to go and give her cuddles.

So, tomorrow should be fun….!

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