Run, swim, eat.

18 May 2018

Bliss!  A dry night with no thunderstorms!  How peaceful!  We woke to a beautiful morning that was calm and sunny.  Sigh….

I had said to myself last night that I must start getting up and going for a run first thing, as incredibly, I seem to run out of time during the day.  I am really keen to establish a routine while we are away, that includes a daily run, and the sooner I start, the better.  I did indeed take myself out for a short run, then after breakfast (and his run), Ian took Cornelia to the larger play park, and I finally managed to dive into the stunning crystal sea for a swim around.  It was heaven!  The bay has a sectioned area for swimming, so  it felt really safe, and as there was only a light breeze, it was almost completely smooth.

While I was in the water, Cornelia was hunting for lizards in the playground, but also managed to freak herself out by digging up an unexpected and rather large worm!  I was just out of the water, and she ran towards me, sandy hands held aloft, yelling “Anti bac, Mummy, I need the anti bac!!”  HAHAHAHA, how I laughed!!!  I’m not a germ-nervous person, genuinely believing a bit of dirt is good for her immune system, so this made me laugh a lot.  Bless her!  I may not have had any anti bac handy (although, for the record, I do have some in Bluebell, for loo stops that we may need to make, where wash facilities aren’t available!) but a couple of wet wipes later, and she was back to her usual curious self, even introducing me to the now-friendly worm.

We spent some fun time doing some role-reversal playing, where I was the little girl and she was the mummy.  This worked enormously well in my favour, as all I had to do was lie on the basket swing and tell her to keep swinging me.  She has some stamina, that child!

Some irritating news came through in the afternoon.  Our host in Romania (where we are meeting Steve for his GB European 24 hour championship race) cancelled our accommodation, as his current guests have decided to stay longer.  This was enormously frustrating, as I had booked this months ago, and it was particularly convenient to Steve’s race track.  All I could find that was affordable and in a good location is a one-bed apartment. I think we will have to put Cornelia to bed in our room, then move her onto the sofa bed, when we are ready to sleep.  We shall see how it works out, but in any event, we were both pretty pissed off.  Let’s hope it will be a stroke of luck and our new pad will be magnificent!

Aside from the time spent trying to find new accommodation, there was not much else to report that day. Lunch as usual was sandwiches in the van, we had an hour or so in the pool, and Cornelia watched Cinderella at kids’ club.  We had an early tea on the campsite, and I had her showered and in bed asleep by 20:00.  Ian and I didn’t know what to do with the extra time!  (As it happened, I did a bit more studying and Ian started researching Zagreb – our next stop!)

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