Almost into a routine!

17 May 2018

We enjoyed another thunder and lightening storm right over us last night (with no rain or wind – just loud thunder and bright flashes) from about 02:00 – 03:30.  Cornelia slept through it all and had a great night’s sleep!  At least we had stopped worrying about getting zapped in the tent.

The whole day was much better than forecast, but we spent it rather lazily again, as we hadn’t realised it would turn out so nicely!

Having test out our new camping toaster (it worked,once we’d changed the gas canister on our stove – simple victories!), Cornelia went off to the play park, which is conveniently next to the wash facilities, and made friends with a little German girl, Clara, who is 2 1/2.  Her parents’ English puts my A-level (now almost forgotten) German to shame!  They played together for such a long time that by the time Cornelia had cycled to kids’ club, Ian and I barely had time for our coffee before it was time to collect her and go back to Bluebell via the supermarket for lunch.  It was so good for her to finally get some playtime with another child!  Kids’ club is lovely, but she is the only one there!!

Lunch is turning out to be predictable.  Ham and cheese sandwiches, cucumber, some fruit, then Cornelia usually has a yoghurt or two afterwards.  We are trying to keep costs down and the only real way of doing that is by choice of accommodation or food!  So that means lots of bread & cheese, and lots of pasta!

After lunch, we were back at the pool again, which was much busier this time. Bugsy has abandoned all ideas of practising any swimming and is just loving splashing around the pirate ship and going down the slides!

Cornelia was keen to cycle again, but has now acquired a horrible screech that she only seems to use with Ian.  She demands that he holds her and squawks at him really loudly, being quite rude to him.  I am not sure why she’s doing it, although having asked her, she says that she gets frustrated with her bike but the bike can’t talk, so she just yells at Daddy instead.  Can’t argue with that logic…. but nonetheless, we’re working on making it stop!

After a post-swim shower, we hopped onto the grown-up bikes and cycled off to the next village along the coast.  This was our first real trip off the campsite!  We went to a fish restaurant in a terrific setting, right on the water’s edge.  The tabletop was a large limestone slab, which seemed to blend in perfectly to the surroundings, and apart from a brightly-dressed toddler, it was very peaceful.  Cornelia took a particular shine to one of the waiters, David, and chatted away with him as if she’d known him for years.  Ian and I had our doubts, as of the four dishes that we’d ordered for starters and mains, only one was available!  He recommended a “fish in the oven” and we took our chances… Another good choice – it turned out to be stone fish, with potatoes, olives and carrots.  It was delicious and even felt healthy!  So we had some beer and wine to compensate and even things out a bit. Cornelia managed a huge plate of spaghetti and prawns, and still had room for chocolate cake afterwards.

We cycled home just in time before it became completely dark, but by the time we’d brushed her teeth and read a bedtime story, it was 22:00!  Luckily, Bugsy was on perfect form, and went to bed very happily!


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