Should’ve, would’ve, didn’t…

16 May 2018

Ian and I were rudely awakened by Bluebell’s alarm suddenly going off at 06:30.  Luckily, I’m ninja-like on waking, and managed to unzip the tent and switch it off in just a few seconds.  We have absolutely no idea what set the alarm off, especially as we’d disabled the internal alarm (so that Bugsy sleeping inside doesn’t set it off).  Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen again tonight!

Despite the early wake-up, we dozed on and off until about 08:00, then got up and waited for Cornelia to rise half an hour later.  She was after some more porridge, but had to make do with yoghurts and fruit, as we’d eaten the last of it yesterday, and I didn’t make it to the supermarket as planned.

We did have a plan for the day.  It was meant to look something like this:

10:30 – Cornelia to kids’ club.  Mel sea swim and study.  Ian cycling to supermarket for porridge etc.

13:00 – Collect Bugsy, have lunch at the pitch.

14:00 – Swimming and playing.  Mel and Ian 30 minute run each.

17:30 – Supper.

What actually happened was:

10:30 – Cornelia cycles all the way to kids’ club (it is a mile away, and she only rode a bike for the first time two days ago!).  Mel & Ian go for a coffee at a little cafe on site.

11:15 – Gabi from kids’ club calls.  Cornelia claims she is too tired to play any more.  Could we please come and collect her.

11:30 – Collect an excitable Cornelia, who looks anything but tired.  Cornelia cycles back to the pitch, via the playpark, while Mel nips to the supermarket for lunch supplies.

12:30 – Lunch.

13:30 – Splashing in the pool.

15:00 – Cornelia goes back to kids’ club to watch Cinderella in German.  Mel and Ian lie in the sunshine doing absolutely nothing.

17:00 – Collect Cornelia.

18:30 – Dinner is served.

19:30 – Mel washes up.  Cornelia and Ian go off to shower.  Only Cornelia showers…

19:45 – Mel goes off to the bar to plug in her laptop to study and write final assignment that has suddenly become due. (Eek!!!)

20:00 – Mel back at tent.  The bar is shut.  Ian is doing bedtime stories.

20:30 – Cornelia fast asleep.  Mel and Ian eating chocolate.

Who doesn’t love a lazy, sunny day?!  (Every now and then, anyway!)




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