It’s raining, it’s pouring!

14 May 2018

It is our seven year wedding anniversary today and, astonishingly, we had both managed to buy each other cards and give them to each other! There was a slight delay in their exchange as we had a pointless argument about Ian not going for a run when he said he was going to, but after we had each been for our respective runs, we were much better tempered! While Ian was out for his run, Bugsy and I played some more on the beach, and then she led me on her adventure, clambering over the rocks all the way to some steps (during which she announced she was having “splendid fun!”, before spotting a play park in the distance. We spent some time there in the sandy pit, climbing on the pirate ship etc, then (on the promise of being able to swimming in the pool) we went back to our tent, so I could have my run. Ian had managed to get through his run before the rain came, but I experienced biblical rain! It was a totally epic run and I was completely drenched. And I bloody loved it!

When I returned from my run, Bugsy was curled up on Ian’s lap, under the wooden gazebo that came with our pitch, and they looked so sweet, snuggled up on the camping chair, watching the rain. Moments like that do fill me with such joy.

We waited until the worst of the rain had passed (which took quite a long time) then, wrapped up in raincoats, explored our enormous campsite by bike. I should add that we were nearly unable to do this as, by some unknown impossibility, our bike lock had reset itself and our code no longer worked. I had tried for ages, gently turning the combination lock into slightly different positions, without success. Ian took over and after a while, just as I was about to suggest starting at 0001 and working our way through, he shouted with joy and hurrah, it was off… and the new code was 0001!

Before we set off, Ian spent some time with Cornelia teaching her how to ride her new bike.  She’s had an Isla balance bike for just over a year, but decided it was time to step up and introduce a pedal bike.  We initially intended to take the pedals off this one, so she could use it like a balance bike until she was used to the new size, but she was really keen to give it a go.  Within ten minutes, she was cycling down a long slope, pedalling away with joy!  Serious heart-warming moment of happiness for me! She hasn’t got the hang of setting off by herself, but watching her try over and over again until she got it filled me with all the sorts of parental pride you would expect. Happy days!

Once she had exhausted herself on the bike, we ended up at the swimming pool (a mere mile away from our pitch!) but it was all locked up, despite the signs saying it was open from 11:00-17:00.  I pootled off to reception to enquire why the pool was closed, and you can only imagine my face when I was met with a casual shrug of the shoulders and a “I don’t know.  Maybe because of the weather.”

So, here’s our exchange:

Me: Hi, we were hoping to go for a swim with our daughter, but the gates are locked.  Is there a reason the pool is closed, as the sign says it is open until 5pm, but it’s only 3pm?

Gregor: I don’t know *shrugs shoulders* Maybe because of the weather.

Me:  Oh, what about the weather?  It’s not raining.

Gregor:  But it was earlier, and maybe it will again later.

Me:  Or maybe it won’t.  In any event, it’s  not raining right now, so please could you unlock the gates so that my daughter and I can go swimming.

Gregor:  No.  I don’t know how.

Me: I think you probably just need a key.

Gregor: I don’t have the key.

Me:  Okay.  Who has the key?

Gregor: I don’t know.  Maybe the cleaner.

Me: Okay, so who decides whether the gate is locked or unlocked?

Gregor: The cleaner.

Me:  *disbelief* The cleaner decides whether the weather is suitable for the pool to be open or not?

Gregor:  I don’t know.

Me: Can you find me someone who does know?  Just shrugging your shoulders at me isn’t really being terribly helpful.  I am going to need to speak to someone who has authority to open the gates.

Gregor: I will speak to my manager.

Me:  Yes, that sounds like a good idea.

*Two minutes later*

Gregor:  My manager is finding the cleaner to open the gates.

Me:  That is excellent news, thank you.

And did it rain?  No, of course it bloody didn’t!!  (At least not whilst we were in the swimming pool!)

The swimming pool was great fun.  We had it all to ourselves, and although the water was a little cool, it had a pirate ship in the middle of it, with slides down into the water, and a large bucket that filled up over the course of about a minute, then tipped itself upside down, drenching whoever happened to be under it.  Naturally, Bugsy volunteered me to do it, and I was happy to oblige.  We spent a good hour in the pool, splashing each other, playing on the pirate ship and the slides, and generally having a brilliant time together.  I was first out, and managed to get dried and dressed before a shivering toddler and daddy came out, with Bugsy declaring again that she was having the best day ever!  Her fabulous mood continued all evening, and we enjoyed a tasty (but expensive) meal in one of the restaurants on our campsite.  She was allowed an ENORMOUS pancake filled with Nutella (another new thing she’s discovered she likes) and despite the sugar high, managed to get off to sleep without any problems at all.

We, on the other hand, did struggle a bit.  We had hoped to go to sleep a bit earlier than we have been recently, but were disturbed by the howling gales and thunderstorm that were taking place outside the warm, safe comfort of our tent… I made the mistake of googling “how safe is a tent in a thunderstorm” only to discover that the answer seems to be “leave the tent and get into your car as soon as you can”.  Ah.  We decided to ignore that advice and brave it out, but I must confess it stopped me from being able to sleep for quite a long time, until I was sure the storm had passed.  The other thing that stopped us both from sleeping was the gigantic Baileys coffee we had impulsively decided to have while Cornelia had her pancake.  Delicious as it was, I was slightly regretting it at 1am!

2 thoughts on “It’s raining, it’s pouring!

  1. This all sounds fantastistic. I’ve told Steve that he has to do especially well in the forthcoming Europeans since I’ve arranged for a personal cheerleader and her parents to be there to egg him on!


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