A lazy Luxembourg day

Having enjoyed our epic lie in, it took some time to get things started.  Ian made some tea (always a good start) and we had a long leisurely breakfast which, given the time, was more of a leisurely brunch.

I clambered into my running kit and went off for a couple of miles to encourage my legs back into the daily routine of running.  It was enjoyable, especially discovering new roads and admiring the local architecture.  Luxembourg appears to be quite an affluent area, if the houses and cars are anything to go by.

When I returned, Ian and Bugsy were just coming out of the loos, so we headed off to the skate park I’d discovered on my run, with Bugsy’s new bike (with pedals!!).  She came off a couple of times, but wasn’t put off by it.  Given the bruises on her knees this evening after her shower, I was quite surprised.  I would’ve shed some serious tears.  I took advantage of already being in my sweaty running kit by doing some core work in the park, while Cornelia and Daddy played together.  She decided to join me, and set us both some exercises, including star jumps and running on the spot.  I don’t know where she gets her boot camp ideas from (*looks directly at Katie Synge*)…

We had planned to cycle into Luxembourg City, but by the time we had arrived back at the camp site and had made and eaten lunch, it was 16:00.  We gave it a go, but having missed the first signpost, we ended up cycling in the wrong direction, and decided to call it a day.  We have booked an extra night here, and will spend tomorrow exploring further!

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